Ashmore (ASHM) – Gathering assets and growing profits

Graham Neary- Jan 15, 2019 0

Getting tired of all this political malarkey? The uncertainties betwen the UK and EU at the moment are a useful reminder that political risk is always with us - and that this risk, too, can be diversified. One of the best companies which helps investors to diversify this risk is ... Read More

AJ Bell (AJB) – Still looking good

Andrew Latto- Jan 9, 2019 0

AJ Bell (AJB) successfully listed on 6 December at 160p and currently trades at close to 255p. The company will issue a first quarter trading update on 23 January. While its market valuation has increased, the long-term outlook remains promising. In my last look at AJ Bell (latest share price ... Read More

3i Infrastructure (3IN) – A Brexit-proof investment for turbulent times

John McHale- Dec 21, 2018 3

3i Infrastructure (3IN) is a closed-end investment company that shows up on a screen I use to identify dividend-payers with good quality and value metrics. It invests in developed markets around the world through companies involved in economic infrastructure and greenfield projects with a geographical spread as shown below: UK ... Read More

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