Gold is now high yield! (versus Euros)

Graham Neary- Jul 25, 2020 3

One of the strongest historical arguments against gold has been that it doesn't offer a yield. To counter that, gold bugs have pointed to the lack of counterparty risk (depends on how the gold is stored, of course) and to its inflation protection. But now, at least when it comes ... Read More

An exciting new hire at Cube.Investments

Graham Neary- Jul 18, 2020 8

Hi everyone, Apologies for my absence last week - I was under the weather. Normal service resumes on Monday. Thank you so much for your continued support of this website. In the meanwhile, I have a piece of news for you. Cube Dot Investments Limited has an exciting new hire ... Read More

A good performance by the entire team – How I beat the FTSE by over 10%

Graham Neary- Jul 12, 2020 0

As promised, here is the complete analysis of how my holdings have performed in H1 2020. It has been a rough stock market for UK-focused investors, there's no doubt about that. Some US exposure has cushioned the blow a little. On balance, I'm very satisfied with how I've done. "Happy" ... Read More

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