Cube Midcap Report (11 Feb 2020) – Ocado can’t make a profit #OCDO

Graham Neary- Feb 11, 2020 0

Good morning! Today I'm going to take a look at Ocado (OCDO). Finished at 12.15pm.   Ocado (OCDO) Share price: £12.42p (+2%) Market cap: £8.8 billion Final Results I last looked at Ocado in December, on the occasion of Ocado Retail's Q4 trading statement. Ocado Retail is the UK joint ... Read More

Cube Midcap Report (10 Feb 2020) – Shetty loses count #NMC #FIN

Graham Neary- Feb 10, 2020 3

Good morning! In today's midcap report, I'm going to attempt covering the bizarre situation involving Dr. BR Shetty, Founder and Chairman of NMC Healthcare (NMC). According to one of this morning's RNS announcements, he is unsure how many shares he owns in the business. NMC Healthcare (NMC) Finablr (FIN) There ... Read More

Cube Midcap Report (7 Feb 2020) – Coronavirus takes its toll #BRBY #HYUD #NCYT #ADM

Graham Neary- Feb 7, 2020 0

Good morning! As a reminder, you can read my stream of consciousness every morning in the Chat Room, which is free to access. Today we have a virus-themed report: Burberry (BRBY) Hyundai GDR (HYUD) Novacyt (NCYT) Admiral (ADM) Finished at 13:40pm. Burberry (BRBY) Share price: £19.88p (-1.4%) Market cap: £8.0 ... Read More

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