Is it the time?

Tony Boden- Sep 22, 2020 2

“Daddy, daddy, daddy; what actually is time?” “Well son, it’s that thing that God made to stop things happening all together.” I have a feeling that I may have got that from the late great Terry Pratchett. Whatever, it is an exchange that tickles me, whilst also reminding that answers ... Read More


Think of a number!

Tony Boden- Sep 3, 2020 0

As a bit of a detour from individual stock analysis, I have spent some time recently revisiting my databases and some of the three-quarter baked mapping algorithms that I have evolved over time. I will perhaps talk more about my databases and why I have them another time, but for ... Read More

Swords to Ploughshares – Buffett & Gold, UK Jobs Collapse, Tesla goes to the Moon

Graham Neary- Aug 19, 2020 9

(Wizards of the Coast owns the copyright for the featured image above.) Hello there! I'm still here and just as committed to this website as ever before. I needed to take a short break, for the "public service" of adding to the Covid-19 debate. You've probably read more about Covid-19 ... Read More

Gold is now high yield! (versus Euros)

Graham Neary- Jul 25, 2020 3

One of the strongest historical arguments against gold has been that it doesn't offer a yield. To counter that, gold bugs have pointed to the lack of counterparty risk (depends on how the gold is stored, of course) and to its inflation protection. But now, at least when it comes ... Read More

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