888 teases shareholders with the prospect of big buybacks

Graham Neary- Apr 8, 2019 2

One of the holdings in my portfolio which I'm currently feeling most optimistic about is 888 (latest share price 162p, market cap £595 million  or $777 million). Like too many of my holdings (IGG, BATS, etc.), it has been on the rough end of regulatory change in recent years. This ... Read More

A.G. Barr – Lots in the bag for shareholders #BAG

Graham Neary- Mar 28, 2019 0

This is just a very quick note on A.G. Barr, the Glasgow-based drinks company. It announced final results on Tuesday which were well-received by the market (latest share price 791p, market cap £900 million). The drinks industry - both alcoholic and nonalcoholic - has been a fine investment sector, and ... Read More

Go-Ahead Group – Full steam ahead #GOG

John McHale- Mar 15, 2019 0

The share price of bus and rail operator Go-Ahead Group has risen over 30% so far this year (latest share price 2020p, market capitalisation £870 million). As one of the leading public transport companies, it enables over a billion journeys each year so you may well be a user of ... Read More

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