Joel’s Resources Report – semi-retirement by 35 with mediocre returns?!

Joel Deakin- Jan 11, 2021 5

Hi all, what a first week on the markets - of coursing I'm bemoaning having sold my Argo Blockchain shares last year (a bitcoin mining company whose shares are up over twenty times since I sold them...) On the plus side, my portfolio is up about 5%. Now if I ... Read More

Joel’s Resource Report – Reflecting on 2020

Joel Deakin- Dec 30, 2020 1

Phew - what a year! I normally work right up until Christmas Eve as I like using the time to catch up on lower priority tasks and plan for yearly reviews, etc. This year I’ve instead been working on a piece of work which ideally needs to be completed before ... Read More

On Year End Reviews

Tony Boden- Dec 24, 2020 0

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