Rebuttal on RBG & an announcement – Tune in tomorrow at 12!

Graham Neary- Jun 16, 2020 0

I've been away for two days. Sometimes I need to take a break, so that I can come back stronger. Tomorrow, I'm coming back with my live-stream - but this time, it will be available for everyone! Check it out at mid-day: Secondly, I was contacted by a reader on ... Read More

Is it buying time now?

Tony Boden- Jun 10, 2020 0

My diversified, broadly market neutral long-short portfolio means that I do not have to get overly concerned about the level of the market overall. Nor do I have to be overly concerned if one or too small positions move sharply the wrong way. In this article, I'll discuss why this ... Read More

Joel’s Resource Report – where are you invested? #SO4 #CAI #LGO #HUM #WAF

Joel Deakin- Jun 1, 2020 0

A slightly different take on the Resources Report - where are you invested? Resource investors often find themselves investing in countries which bear little resemblance to the Western world. Of course, everywhere has some country risk. Even investing in the US isn't without issue - fancy being invested in US ... Read More

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