One Quality Metric that won’t help you through the crisis

Tony Boden- Oct 24, 2020 0

As regular readers will know, I have adopted three tests for potential investments in the current crisis times. They are qualitative and I was looking to see if there are any more quantitative measures that might help. In times of crisis, one might expect a flight to quality and one ... Read More

A quick reflection

Tony Boden- Oct 10, 2020 2

Since June I have mostly been writing about stocks through the lens of my three Covid crisis checks : will the company run out of cash, will their business return to some form of normality, and is the share price unreasonably beaten up? I thought it would be interesting to ... Read More

Blindfolded Monkey on the Oche

Tony Boden- Oct 4, 2020 0

One theoretical test of your portfolio performance is whether it beats one selected by a blindfolded monkey throwing darts at the share listing page of the FT. I shall not be trying this (I don’t own a monkey). But musing over this set me thinking. As I outlined a few ... Read More

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