Cube Podcast #10: Paul Scott spots the ball

Cube Podcast #10: Paul Scott spots the ball

In this edition, we discuss Paul Scott’s latest views on the key shares in his portfolio.

  • 01:00 Best of the Best (BOTB)
  • 10:00 Sosandar (SOS)
  • 18:00 Quiz (Quiz)
  • 21:00 Superdry (SDRY)
  • 25:00 CloudCall (CALL)
  • 32:00 Revolutions Bars (RBG)
  • 36:00 French Connection (FCCN)
  • 40:00 Altitude (ALT)
  • 43:00 On the Market (OTMP) vs Rightmove (RMV)

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At the time of publication, Paul and Graham have financial interests in shares discussed in this podcast.

Cube Podcast #10: Paul Scott spots the ball
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    I still think that a company that has yet to turn a profit should not be one’s biggest holding.

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    Another intereting podcast…… its a shame you did not air brush the ball out of the image? fairly easy one to spot.

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