Cube Podcast #11: Paul Scott takes a chance

Cube Podcast #11: Paul Scott takes a chance

In this edition, Paul and Graham discuss their views on the latest market news and opportunities.

  • 02:00 Plus500 (PLUS)
  • 11:00 Stride Gaming (STR), UP Global Sourcing (UPGS)
  • 12:00 LoopUp (LOOP)
  • 13:00 Argo Blockchain (ARB)
  • 15:00 Crypto-currencies
  • 16:00 Online Blockchain (OBC)
  • 17:00 WYG (WYG)
  • 19:00 Falling knives, Accesso (ACSO)
  • 20:00 Learning Technologies (LTG)
  • 23:00 Marks & Spencer (MKS), shorting
  • 27:00 Tesla (TSLA)
  • 31:00 Revolution Bars (RBG)

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At the time of publication, Paul and Graham have financial interests in shares discussed in this podcast.

Cube Podcast #11: Paul Scott takes a chance
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    Plus500 were the first spreadbettor to offer trades on Bitcoin.In 2017 Bitcoin was going up,and even muppets were making money out of it.I wonder whether that might have accounted for a large slice of Plus500’s unhedged losses.

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    Great job Paul and Graham. It was a joy to listen to so I hope this is the first of many Friday podcasts – it works really well, especially with the more relaxed Friday feel.

    Are there any bleep machine companies we can go long on?

    Finally – don’t let the buggers get you down here or anywhere else – life is to too short to worry about them.

  • comment-avatar

    Yes – really enjoyed this. 40 minutes perfect timing for my eliptical trainer session so once a week would be great. Good to hear that Paul didn’t seem too down in the dumps after Thurs/Fri on Stocko.

  • comment-avatar

    Hi Graham,

    On your website. Afraid I don’t even know what Podbean is.

    • comment-avatar

      Ok, no worries! Podbean is an app, a bit like Apple Podcasts. Some people find it easier to listen to podcasts on an app rather than on a website. Cheers.

  • comment-avatar

    P.S. Not sure about the title for this one – “Paul Scott takes a chance”, as, by the end, I think you’ve talked him out of it.

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