Cube Podcast #12: Joel, the Investment Connoisseur

Cube Podcast #12: Joel, the Investment Connoisseur

In this edition, Joel and Graham discuss their views on the latest market news and opportunities.

  • 01:00 RockRose Energy (RRE)
  • 04:00 The Art of Execution
  • 08:00 United Oil & Gas (UOG)
  • 15:00 Amazon ($AMZN)
  • 21:00 Netflix ($NFLX) & Disney ($DIS)
  • 25:00 Red Rock Resources (RRE)
  • 28:00 Salt Lake Potash (SO4)
  • 31:00 Remote Monitored Systems (RMS)
  • 36:00 Bushveld Minerals (BMN)

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At the time of publication, Joel and Graham have financial interests in shares discussed in this podcast.

Cube Podcast #12: Joel, the Investment Connoisseur
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    Enjoyed very much – and you’re right, I really should consider again signing up for Gold.

    Kind of scary though when you talk about worrying about a position of 25% of your portfolio. I worry about BooHoo being my largest holding at 7.5% of my portfolio.

    • comment-avatar

      Glad you enjoyed it Laughton. You’d be very welcome to join us in the chat room and for the live streams!

      Yes, I try not to do 25% any more (although the biggest one is currently 16%). 7.5% sounds sensible by comparison!



  • comment-avatar

    Thanks for this Graham and Joel, I really enjoyed this podcast. Would be keen to hear more going forward.

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