Cube Podcast #13: Neil Johnson, Duke Royalty (DUKE)

Cube Podcast #13: Neil Johnson, Duke Royalty (DUKE)

For this podcast, Graham was pleased to be joined by Neil Johnson, Executive Director and CEO of Duke Royalty (DUKE) (latest share price 41.4p, market cap £83 million).

Duke is “a Guernsey-based diversified royalty investment company. The Company specializes in diversified royalty financing and provides alternative capital solutions to a diversified range of businesses in Europe and abroad”.

Podcast index:

  • 0:00 Background to Duke.
  • 04:00 Nature of the product.
  • 08:00 Protection in defaults.
  • 13:00 Capital Step acquisition
  • 17:00 Features of CS investments
  • 24:00 Portfolio diversification and growth
  • 27:00 Miriad Products & Duke’s equity holdings
  • 38:00 Dividend policy
  • 46:00 Duke’s debt facility

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At the time of publication, Graham Neary has a long position in DUKE.

Cube Podcast #13: Neil Johnson, Duke Royalty (DUKE)
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    Excellent questions Graham & answers but still leaves a few points for me to think through; will discus shortly.

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    Really useful interview, thanks Graham. Pertient questions and you let Neil do the talking (who was excellent).

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    Really insightful interview. 

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    Only just got round to listening – very good interview and very happy to continue to hold DUKE

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    Thanks for all the very kind feedback, everyone. We have new podcasts coming soon, including hopefully one or two CEOs.

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