Cube Podcast #14: Joel returns from paradise #PLUS #BMN #RRE #SOS

Cube Podcast #14: Joel returns from paradise #PLUS #BMN #RRE #SOS

For this podcast, Graham was joined by Cube contributor Joel Deakin, following his return from a business trip and a holiday.

Podcast index:

  • 02:00 Plus500 (PLUS) & IG Group (IGG)
  • 10:00 Disney ($DIS)
  • 11:00 Mkango Resources (MKA)
  • 13:00 Bushveld Minerals (BMN)
  • 21:00 RockRose Energy (RRE)
  • 30:00 ReNeuron (RENE)
  • 33:00 Sosandar (SOS)
  • 40:00 Tandem (TND)

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At the time of publication, Graham and Joel have financial interests in shares discussed in this podcast.

Cube Podcast #14: Joel returns from paradise #PLUS #BMN #RRE #SOS
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    Still really enjoying these “chats” whilst trying to stay fit. Food for thought on a couple of interesting sounding prospects.

    If Sosandar should need a bit more funding I wonder if the’ll just repeat the process from last time (very quick raise from institutions who they claim were keen to get on board in reasonable size which they couldn’t do buying in the market). Not that much dilution.

    Graham – just need to try and balance the volume a little – you’re a bit louder than Joel. Sorry for extra long paragraph – I can’t work out how to make them within this box.

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      Hi Laughton – glad you’re enjoying the podcasts and that they are enhancing your exercise routine!

      Re: SOS – yes, if the market cap is around the current levels (or higher) and the insti demand is there, which I guess it is, then the dilution should be very modest. My outlook is very much safety-first, and I suppose that’s what I focus on the potential need for funding!

      Regarding the volume, I am aware that the different audio tracks don’t match up exactly in terms of volume. This is something I’ve been tweaking and will look at it again next time. Thanks for the valuable feedback!



  • comment-avatar

    Ha. And then when I hit “Post Comment” the paragraphs magically appear.

  • comment-avatar

    Great cast …..keep it up . As someone else mentioned …..the volume levels were just “Neary Nuff” but tolerable really . Loving the decent analysis of my main interest …resouces stocks . generally quite hard to find sensible coverage of this subject elsewhere so you are breaking ground here now .

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