Cube Podcast #9: Simon’s research-driven investment strategy

Cube Podcast #9: Simon’s research-driven investment strategy

In our latest podcast, we discussed Simon Hedger’s research driven investment strategy with six examples of shares he is interested in.

  • 02:00 Aukett Swanke (AUK)
  • 07:00 Simon’s background
  • 12:00 WYG (WYG)
  • 19:00 Haynes (HYNS)
  • 28:00 D4t4 Solutions (D4T4)
  • 37:00 Ashley (ASH)
  • 48:00 T Clarke (CTO)
  • 59:00 Simon’s strategy

Simon’s article “Qualitative Investment Checklist” can be viewed here.

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At the time of publication, Simon and Graham have financial interests in shares discussed in this podcast.

Cube Podcast #9: Simon’s research-driven investment strategy
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    Thank you for this great discussion. Out of interest, does anyone know why non-exec D4t4 director Roger McDowell sold 1,550,000 share last year?

  • comment-avatar

    Hi Jonathan. Its always difficult to ascertain, however, one factor may have been his move planned onto the Board at Hargreaves Services last year where he spent the proceeds from his sale of D4T4 stock. Investors should be aware that Roger’s brother (Philip McD) sold 1m shares in July 2015 at 50p and within less than a year the stock was trading at 150p…
    It’s each to their own. Thanks for the comment!

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