Going digital with my good friend Tom W.

Going digital with my good friend Tom W.

With all the real-life conferences being cancelled, Tom Winnifrith came up with the bright idea of running an online conference.

I was happy to take part, and had a good long recorded chat with him on Friday. It went very well, if I say so myself.

The footage will be going live on May 9th.

Other speakers include Mark Slater, Carson Block, Vin Murria, Evil Knievil (AKA Simon Cawkwell), Jim Mellon, Sam Antar, Lucian Miers, Gabriel Grego… (I’m not sure how much longer I should continue – see for yourself the rather long list of speakers).

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, here’s the link again. I’m not earning any commission from Tom in relation to this – simply happy to share something you might find worthwhile.



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    keep your friends close and your enemies closer !

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