I like to be in America – Top 20 US shares for UK/Euro investors (Part 1)

I like to be in America – Top 20 US shares for UK/Euro investors (Part 1)

The USA accounts for something like a third of total stock market capitalisation - worth more than all of the major European markets put together. It offers the most liquid shares, the biggest companies in the world, and an excellent system of corporate governance.

For these reasons, I think it's a market which is worth the attention of UK and other European investors (even if we may think that it's overvalued from time to time, or most of the time!)

In a recent twitter poll I conducted, nearly 40% of you said that you already invest in the USA. I hope this article will be of interest not just to the 40% but also to the other 60%, who may not have given the US market the attention it deserves.

But which US shares should we consider from across the pond? While small-caps might offer the most spectacular returns when we get them right, it is difficult to research them from a great distance.

On the other hand, the largest US-listed companies are typically global giants whose products are used around the world. This makes it easier for us to understand them and to gather the "scuttlebutt" that can give us confidence in our investments.

The aim of this piece is to provide a list of US companies which could make for good research candidates for UK and other European investors. They are all mega-caps, worth more than $50 billion each (that's roughly the same size as Vodafone), and can be understood and used by consumers internationally.

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