Joel’s Resource Report – early bird gets the worm #KRS #RBD #ARCM

Joel’s Resource Report – early bird gets the worm #KRS #RBD #ARCM

Keras (KRS) & Calidus Resources – fastest fingers!

I covered Keras very positively for Cube due to seeing a bright future for both companies and the impending distribution of Calidus shares. It was announced on Wednesday that shareholders who owned Keras shares on Tuesday would be distributed 1 Calidus share for every 3.45 Keras shares.

At a sell price of 0.45p (closing price Tuesday), I quickly calculated that Keras shares should drop by nearly 80% given the value of Calidus shares that had been distributed.

For those with incredible fast fingers (including myself) it was possible to sell Keras shares for about 0.42p – crystallising an approximately 70% gain – not a bad return in a month! If only all my investments were as profitable…

I’m still bullish on Keras and will be monitoring the RNS/share price with interest.

Reabold Resources (RBD) – directors putting their money where their mouths are.

At the time of writing, the author holds a long position in ARCM.

Smaller companies are often run by crony capitalists who claim to have shareholders best interests at heart whilst being well remunerated, troughing on expenses and presiding over wealth distruction. I was therefore pleased to see Reabold co-CEO’s purchasing shares earlier this week.

As for the materiality of their purchases:

  • Sachin Oza bought just under £60k
  • Stephen Williams bought just under £20k

Buying nearly £100k of stock between them is likely material capital for them.

Reabold (unfortunately) don’t appear to have much newsflow between now and the end of year as evidenced by the drifting share price.

I remain a supportive shareholder and I’m excited to see what 2020 brings!

Arc Minerals (ARCM) – serious about asset monetization

At the time of writing, the author holds a long position in ARCM.

Last week Arc Minerals announced the sale of their DRC gold assets.

This week, they’ve announced that they are looking to off load their other non core asset another gold asset, Sturek, in Slovakia. The potential buyer has paid $30k for an option to purchase Sturek within 45 days.

Chairman Nick von Schirnding has also given Crux Investor a detailed interview, in which he is open and honest about the company’s ambitions.

Till next week!



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