Financial Statements Seminar – 11 May 2019 (Central London)

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A ticket to the exclusive Financial Statements Seminar delivered by Graham Neary, CFA. 

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My next Financial Statements Seminar is coming up on May 11, 2019. It will be the biggest one yet, incorporating all of the lessons I’ve learned from teaching financial statements to dozens of private investors with a wide range of backgrounds.

The purpose of the course is to enable you to read and analyse financial statements, so that you can be a better investor.

It starts from fundamental accounting principles and works through each of the statements in turn before developing metrics and ratios which you can apply straight away to your own portfolio and to future investment opportunities.

This is what you will get:

    • An all-day course which teaches how financial statements work, starting from the fundamental principles of accrual accounting and working all the way through sophisticated metrics to determine company quality and managerial performance. I have refined the course so that it is suitable not just for enthusiastic beginners but also for those who may be market professionals but are rusty or inexperienced when it comes to financial statement analysis. Lunch is included!
    • You will be able to ask me questions throughout the day of the seminar (time permitting) and will also have the opportunity to discuss the material with me one-on-one in the weeks and months which follow. I make it my mission to ensure that no questions are left unanswered!
    • You will receive a large supply of practical exercises so that you can test your wits and your understanding of how all the concepts work. We will do the exercises together as a group on the day of the seminar and then I will provide you with a written copy of all the answers. Again, I will personally answer all of your questions about this material, to ensure that you understand what we have covered.
    • Finally, you will enjoy a gift of one year of Gold Membership at Cube.Investments, giving you access to our exclusive Investors Chat Room (where I am available to chat most days), my live-streaming interactive videos and all of our premium content.

Participants have reported extremely high satisfaction and found that the seminar has helped them to rapidly accelerate their understanding of financial statements, making them more confident investors. They have also enjoyed the networking opportunity and had fun along the way!

Here’s an example of a testimonial from January’s seminar:

“Before attending Graham’s seminar I had read many investment books but they always left me with questions that the author did not answer. Having an expert like Graham in the room to answer any question and explain things was invaluable. When I reflected on the seminar a few days later, I realised how I had found it much more useful than I’d expected. I felt better equipped to make more informed investment choices.

As well as being knowledgeable and experienced, Graham is also very approachable. A great teacher.”

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this event. I hope to see you there!

Best regards,

Graham Neary, CFA


Dozens of Satisfied Clients

“Graham delivered an excellent programme of tools needed to evaluate financial statements, with particular emphasis around the cashflow movements and the underlying factors driving them. Would thoroughly recommend it.” (CH)

“I believe that Graham’s course on financial statement analysis will not only benefit people new to investing but also those who already have investing experience. Graham is thorough and knowledgeable and helps make balance sheets, P&L accounts and cashflow statements (and the interaction between them) understandable.” (Terry in London who took an online version of the course.)

“Many thanks to Graham Neary for his superb Financial Statements Seminar. He’s very patient and caring with the less experienced like me, but there was also masses there for the more seasoned majority to get their teeth into. The material we covered was so big in scope and so in-depth that I’ll be revisiting it in the weeks and months to come as part of my ongoing learning. Highly recommended!” (JA, Cambridge)

“I have no formal financial background, but Graham broke down this daunting subject into manageable pieces and explained it clearly through illustrative examples, backed up with hands on exercises and follow on discussions.

I was pleased at how much was packed into one day, and the format of numerous short breaks (excellent for networking) between topics worked well.  It was definitely time and money well spent.” (John F, Belfast)

“As a market professional I had become aware over recent years that my company analysis skills had become somewhat rusty. As a result, I had been looking around for some way of improving them.

The course has been informative, challenging and ultimately extremely worthwhile. Graham’s measured and considered approach will ensure, whatever level of knowledge, that almost everyone would benefit from his teaching.” (Paul in London who took an online version of the course.)

“Graham was a generous host and excellent teacher. He kindly put up with my inability to follow simple instructions all day, and never once laughed at my (often incorrect) answers! I would certainly recommend a day with Graham to anyone interested in improving as an investor.” (@InvestedGeordie, Whitley Bay)

“I thought Graham’s seminar was excellent and think anyone who invests on a fundamental basis would benefit. I learned how to see how cash moves through the business and this will be increasingly useful to me as my portfolio grows.” (M)

“I found the course on Saturday very enlightening. It filled a gap for me, as I’ve never had the knowledge or the inclination to really analyse a company’s accounts from an investment perspective. I think I now have the tools to help me go a bit deeper into the accounts and understand more about what the numbers say about the business.” (Mark, London)

“I found Graham’s course an ideal way to refresh and strengthen my knowledge of financial statements and valuation metrics. While the course only takes a day, the course material provides a well-structured framework for subsequent study, and Graham is happy to answer questions by email in the weeks after the course ends. Recommended.” (AW, London)

“I just wanted to write and say thank you for an extremely informative and enjoyable day. It was fantastic value for money and I learnt a lot of new skills which will help me become a smarter investor.” (Jonathan, Sheffield)

“Graham’s easy-going teaching style coupled with his detailed understanding of company accounts and analysis is a great combination – I learned a lot. A thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening day – recommended!” (S)

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