Spreadsheet Modelling – Forecasting with Financial Statements

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Build a smart financial spreadsheet for the companies you’re most interested in – enabling you to forecast profits and cash flow for the years ahead!

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This is an exclusive online seminar, delivered through an interactive Zoom meeting.

The goal will be to teach you how to build a financial forecasting model for a company – covering all of the statements and performance metrics.

Predict if your company is going to accumulate cash, or run out of cash!

Some knowledge of Excel will be required: the ability to use simple formulas, work with several sheets at a time, format cells, and create charts.

This is a rare opportunity to directly learn a financial forecasting method used by professionals.

  • Saturday November 28th, 9am – 1pm

Please note that numbers are strictly limited to ensure that any questions can be individually answered.


Testimonials from investors who attended Graham Neary’s most recent seminars:

“Graham provides considered well thought out teaching on practical issues every investor should look to address and improve upon over time. His style is perfect for the material, which can sometimes be complex and require thought. I would recommend any serious investor should invest in learning their craft and Graham is the ideal teacher!

“I found both courses to be interesting and useful and we were supplied with plenty of relevant material.  Graham delivered the course in a professional manner, always had time for questions and was able to explain things clearly using good examples.  I certainly feel I have benefitted from these courses and have a lot more confidence when looking at financial statements.  I would recommend these to any investor who still has trepidation when delving into a company’s reports.”

Another fantastic offering from Graham providing greater insight into financial reporting and contrasting the various methods by which individuals can identify investments that may prove rewarding versus those that may prove damaging. The guidance through a significant catalogue of real world examples was made possible by Graham’s gentle prompting and insightful comments. Overall, a very worthwhile investment of time at a remarkably reasonable price!

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