Shifting Shares (22 October 2019) – Salad days #LVCG #ALT #FUL #SPSY

Shifting Shares (22 October 2019) – Salad days #LVCG #ALT #FUL #SPSY

I like this company - as in I like eating their pizzas. I'm probably going to go tonight. The salad is an excellent side, too. But as for the stock, it seems overpriced. Does that matter to me as a trader? No, but I am wondering if this stock could be a potential short.

In the results, the company don't announce their individual unit like-for-like sales. Why would a company not announce LFL sales growth? One can only assume because they're not that great. Yes, revenue is growing, but anyone can grow revenue by opening more units. If those new units are cannabilising current units or all units are suffering from a slight decline in LFL, that's not great for investors. They have a right to know.

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