The Seminar is Back!

The Seminar is Back!

With equity markets crashing all around us thanks to a global virus pandemic, this might not seem like the greatest timing to launch a new financial event. But I am doing it anyway! I am betting that economic normality will return, later this year.

In September, join me for a day (or two) of financial education. The Financial Statements Seminar is back, and I am creating a brand new course: Applied Financial Analysis.

The first seminar is happening on Friday, September 11th. It covers all of the accounting tools and concepts that I can fit into a single day. I designed it to be the perfect overview of financial statements for the private investor, and it has gone down a treat with dozens of investors already.

The second seminar, Applied Financial Analysis, takes place the very next day.

This is a new course I am creating in response to many requests.

Participants in the Financial Statements Seminar in recent years have asked me for a follow-up course which would show the material being used in the context of real-world examples. The new seminar will be that course: it will apply the concepts from the first one, and include other practical tips and tricks for the private investor.

As an applied course, it will assume more prior knowledge and so I would not recommend it unless you are already reasonably comfortable with financial statements (e.g. from attending the Financial Statements Seminar).

Tickets can be bought individually for £399 (including VAT), or a 2-day ticket for both seminars is available at the discounted price of £699 (including VAT). Numbers will be strictly limited.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

And if it turns out that the event is cancelled due to the virus, refunds will be offered to everyone!





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